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Children and adolescents have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings openly.  Their difficulties may be magnified by how they are coping in a world which is largely out of their control. A therapeutic environment can help children and adolescents work through various mental health and social difficulties. Exploring children’s feelings and thoughts about their relationships, family dynamics, emotions, school, and life stressors can often be the beginning of increased self-acceptance and self-confidence, a heightened sense of identity, increased tolerance in relation to others, and social integration. 


​Children & Adolescents


While all children experience difficulties as they grow up, those whose troubles do not go away and or seem to be more intense than other children's, may be in need of assistance. Many problems are transient and require only short term treatment.


Child-Focused Family Centre offers parents and children/adolescents help with:


  • Attention problems: distractibility, impulsivity and restlessness or hyperactivity (AD/HD)

  • Argumentative and disobdeniant behaviour (ODD)

  • Tantrumming Children

  • Depression

  • Anxious, Shy and Fearful Children

  • School/Homework Problems

  • Bullying

  • Divorce/Separation Issues

  • Social Skills / Friendship Problems

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Phobias / Fears

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Bereavement




Child-Focused Family Centre supports parents to develop a more positive discipline style, and to promote positive parent-child interactions and relationships. Having someone to mediate and guide the discussion helps families put issues into perspective. Family consultations can help create an environment for positive change within family members.



Articles & Resources
Independent Professional

Parenting Sessions


Parents' Power


Parents often feel inadequate and hopeless when they have to set boundaries and limits. For example, disciplining children in public is a dreadful experience associated with a power struggle and embarrassment, where parents often feel pressured to accommodate and even reward unacceptable behaviours. Parenting sessions can help parents develop more efficient and satisfying approach of dealing with challenging behaviours as well as promote cooperative and complying behaviours.

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