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Frequently Asked Questions

Are psychology consultations confidential?

Information discussed throughout psychology consultations is held confidential and not shared without written permission except under certain circumstances.


How are psychology consultations different than talking to a friend/family member?

A psychologist listens to you objectively, with as little bias as possible. A psychologist is trained to listen in a special way, ensure your privacy, and clinically treat mental health issues that family and friends may not understand.


What is the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is going to treat your symptoms through medications. A psychologist will help you resolve the root cause of your symptoms and learn different skills. Depending on the issue, a combination of both psychology consultations and psychiatric treatment is often the best approach. Psychologists do not prescribe medication.


Do I need a referral? 
 You do not need a referral to see a psychologist. However, if you would like to claim a Medicare rebate you will require a Mental Health Care Plan and a referral. Your GP or psychiatrist is able to provide such a plan if he or she thinks that a Mental Health Care Plan is necessary and appropriate.

How many sessions can I use per calendar year?

Under a Mental Health Care Plan, individuals are entitled to 10 individual and 10 group Medicare rebatable sessions per calendar year.

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