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Conversing with children is a unique art with rules and meanings on its own. Children are rarely naive in their communications. Their messages are often in a code that requires deciphering.


- Dr Haim G Ginott


& Resources
5 Anger Management Tips for Children


Does your child lash out or trash his room when he gets mad? Here's how to help him work out strong emotions and stop the bad behavior.



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Children & Adolescents

Child-Focused Family Centre offers parents and children/adolescents help for:


  • Attention problems: distractibility, impulsivity and restlessness or hyperactivity

  • Argumentative and disobdeniant behaviour

  • Tantrumming Children

  • Depression

Child-Focused Family Centre supports parents to develop a more positive discipline style, and to promote positive parent-child interactions and relationships. Having someone to mediate and guide the discussion helps families put issues into perspective.

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Yokine, WA 6060

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